Collect and Analyze Feedback

Our solution is designed to revolutionize the way you gather and analyze feedback


QR Display

Create your business feedback link in minutes.


Allow your customers to provide various types of media to better understand their feedback.


Following our API-first philosophy, you can trigger email feedback requests from your digital channels.

Business Units

Collect feedback from different branches.


Our system generates weekly and monthly emails to keep you informed about your business performance.


Download and print the QR code to place in your physical locations.

Dashboards & Analytics

Our system collects all data and processes the information with AI, transcribing the audio feedback. All of the collected information is accessible through our dashboard.

Collect Feedback by Email

Trigger emails to your customers using our API or manually through our dashboard. You can customize the message in the email.

Collect Feedback with QR Codes

In your physical locations, you can download and print our QR code display, allowing your customers to provide feedback on-site.

Fair Pricing


  • 3 branch location
  • 300 feedback/month
  • QR display
  • Feedback by Email


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  • Unlimited branch locations
  • Unlimited feedbacks/month
  • Customize your QR display
  • Customize your email
  • Advance Integrations

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