Why ShepherDog?

QR Display

Create your business feedback link in minutes.


Allow your customers to provide various types of media to better understand their feedback.


Following our API-first philosophy, you can trigger email feedback requests from your digital channels.

Business Units

Collect feedback from different branches.


Our system generates weekly and monthly emails to keep you informed about your business performance.


Download and print the QR code to place in your physical locations.

The Last FeedBack App You’ll Ever Need


Our system collects all data and processes the information with AI, transcribing the audio feedback. All of the collected information is accessible through our dashboard.

Reviews Page

Our platform captures the full spectrum of customer feedback, allowing you to see the text, listen to audio recordings, view photos, and understand ratings in context. These detailed reviews provide a rich tapestry of customer sentiment and experiences, empowering you to make informed decisions and take targeted action.

Simple Device Management

Manage multiple business locations, departments, or brands. ShepherdDog makes it easy to track and analyze customer feedback across your entire organization. Our platform allows you to view feedback data for each business unit separately, giving you granular insights into customer sentiment and satisfaction at every level.


ShepherdDog Analytics, your central hub for understanding your customers’ voices. Our platform empowers you to transform raw feedback into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Shepher Dog mobile web app

Your customers are on the move, and their feedback should be too. With ShepherdDog’s mobile web app, gathering feedback is as easy as scanning a QR code. No app downloads, no complicated logins – just instant access to a simple feedback form right on their smartphone.

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